Disabling KOMs etc during routes

(Stanley Crocker 4295) #1

Last night I was cruising through the 3 sisters route and felt pretty sparky by the time I got to the the last 8 miles or so. I then got a notice that I was starting the volcano route and started to rip it. Well, the route then kept me on the planned itinerary and I was then OFF the Volcano Route. Sad. Would nit not be best if the system knew you were not on a route that would allow you to complete a given KOM or route record? 


(Stuart Middlecoate) #2

I see where your coming from here, happens a lot in London too.  Normally you see the countdown start but then when you make a turn that’s not part of the KOM route it disappears.  

(David Bastien) #3

I agree, this has caused me a bit of frustration on more than one occasion…