Disabling Auto Start?

I’m positive this has been asked and answered, and that my struggle is almost certainly my inability to properly construct my search, so I apologize upfront.

I’m looking for a way to disable “auto start”, not to be confused with “Windows auto-start” (which is all I’m getting from Google).


  1. I successfully run with a connected treadmill, a heart rate monitor, and a foot pod, and then end the run by exiting and saving.

  2. I relaunch Zwift with the intention of riding for a bit; the treadmill, the heart rate monitor, and foot pod are all still broadcasting.

  3. While Zwift is launching, I sit to swap shoes.

  4. I get up, only to find that Zwift has found the foot pod, treadmill, and heart rate monitor, and has automatically started me on another run.

I absolutely cannot find anywhere in the preferences where this behavior can be disabled; am I just not seeing it?

Thanks in advance for your patience and kind answer.

Don’t exit Zwift after the run and just go to the Pairing screen and switch from Run to Bike and then you should be able to connect your biking sensors.

You could also try turning off your treadmill so it will just sit at the Pairing screen and you will have the ability to switch to Biking.