Disable erg mode faster after stopping pedaling

Maybe it’s my Elite Directo X but it takes about 2 minutes sometimes to disable erg mode and pause my workout after I stop pedalling. I think it’s often when I’m going downhill in the virtual world…?

why do you want to stop quicker?

knowing the reason will help to give the best advice.

you could just enter the pairing screen for example which would bring you to a very quick stop

Or just press the ‘Pause’ button.

that wouldn’t help them to stop quicker, they’d still coast to a stop if they stopped pedalling.

If i’ve understood correctly they want their avatar to come to a standstill

When I do a workout and I want to stop, the countdown for the interval that I am on keeps going. Often I stop in a low intensity section because I want an extra minute ‘off’ but because the timer keeps going in the workout I usually have to go straight back into an ‘on’ section without any extra time off… not sure that makes sense… I haven’t found a way to immediately disable erg mode and stop the workout timer (even by starting to leave the workout by going to the pairing screen)…?

there is a pause workout button in the companion app (easiest place to find it) and in the on-screen menu that can pop up from the bottom of the screen. This would be what you are looking for, it stops the timer and turns off ERG mode, when you are ready to resume, start pedaling first and then un-pause.


Oh okay, thank you! I’ve never managed to find these and just found it really annoying. I was used to TrainerRoad where it stopped after about 5 seconds. Thanks for the info.