Disable Braking on Zwift Play

I love everything about my Zwift Play, but I cannot use it because of 1 thing… When I am racing, it is too easy to bump the steering paddle on either side in a way that activates braking and I lose the group. It is killing me that I cannot steer, or use the buttons, or now even use virtual shifting on my Core simply because of a feature I have no use for, braking. Please help me disable it so I can take advantage of a great tool that I purchased to enhance my experience.

Hi @Greg_Flynn_HERD Greg, It’s great to know you love the Zwift Play virtual Shifting. I like your question as this is a good point for future tests. For now, my suggestion would be to just move the controller down a bit, this has worked for other Zwfiters during rides to not hit the breaks.

For more about Zwift Play please, review this article below.

All About Zwift’s Play Controllers

It would also be good to be able to disable the steering. For things like TTT it can be a real pain with steering and non-steering riders which makes it hard for those using Zwift Hub one or core trainers.

Ideally a whole interface to allow us to customise the buttons to different layouts would be great.

Like those of us without virtual gearing have two pointless buttons that would be far better if we could use them for a power up button’


That is such a Steve Jobs / Apple “You’re holding it wrong” comment.
The better solution would be to allow disabling braking.
That way, those who don’t want it won’t have accidental braking.

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they do change the FTP bias during a workout - but yes, they do nothing in a free ride.

“For now”