Disable bird chirp in ingame sound?


is it possible to disable only the bird chirp in Zwift! It’s because I always think I have to oil my chain :slight_smile:

Afraid not. I tend to turn sounds off personally.

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I like the sound and its also more realistic, only the the bird chirp especially in New York nerves me.

It’s the one in London near the base of Box Hill that gets me


Its refreshing to see I’m not the only one, lol. It took me several rides in the London world to realize it wasn’t my chain.


I support this because my cat keeps pawing at the screen whenever I’m off headphones


It was the login screen that annoyed me most I muted sounds entirely and never restored them. I ride with music or watching a video on another screen and became accustomed to muted Zwift. I don’t miss game sounds.

On PC maybe you can delete the bird sounds by deleting a specific .wem file from the
C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\Audio\PC folder. You’d have to track down which file contains the bird sounds.

WEM conversion is a PITA. I converted the wem files a few weeks back trying to find the RideOn soundtrack that seems to come on now and then even with all sounds off, but only managed to convert about 12 of the 25 odd files… and none of them had the “bird tweet” or the RideOn. I did hear a shreaking bird … kindof an ancient eagle sound but given I ride with sounds off I have no idea if its used in Zwift these days or if its the bird chirp.

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