DIRT / WMZ and EVR Races - will they move to Cat Enforcement?

Iā€™m curious if DIRT / WMZ and EVR who manage/provide many races will move to the Category Enforcement model soon? I know the Cat Enforcement model is not perfect, as discussed at length in many Forums, but it is a good move forward.

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Most DIRT events are rides rather than races, but the 2 most popular races (i think) would be:

  • Dadurday Chase Races (every Saturday) - Cat Enforcement is on for that
  • Doozy (Every Thursday) - All cats start together so not as big a deal I guess?
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Hi Ally
Thank you for your response,very much appreciated. The DIRT Race that Iā€™m most familiar with and suits the Southern Hemisphere Timezone is the DIRT Friday Night Battle. This race is a staggered start.
Personally I think Cat Enforcement still is a better option with mass starts - deters sandbagging to an extent. 3R have many races that are mass start and are Cat Enforced.