Dirt Destroyer not using ERG Mode


Please could somebody assist me. Am I right that the Dirt destroyer workout does not use ERG mode?

Thank you

Seems very unlikely, all workouts use ERG mode unless there is a specific block where it might need to be turned off. Some of the Zwift Academy workouts had sections where ERG was off so you could get an average best power, but there were specific instructions not to use ERG during these blocks.

What setup are you using, trainer and device, etc…?

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the response.
I’m using Kickr, Zwift on iPhone with Bluetooth connectivity. I’ve changed my training to an FTP builder and it uses the ERG mode with no problem. I think I have all the updated software, but that is something I need to check as well.

Check the firmware for the kickr, the latest update in September fixed a bug with ERG after spindowns.

I’m having the same issue with Dirt Destroyer. Using a Wahoo Kickr.