Direto XR start of workout power spike

I am using Zwift on Direto XR and ATV HD. Latest version of firmware and app respectively. Trainer and HRM connected direct to ATV by BT.

For the last 2-3 versions of Zwift, I have experienced the following at the start of workouts in ERG mode. As I am selecting the workout/route etc, I am pedaling lightly in gentle warm up mode (not sure here how the trainer sets resistance, but it’s easy and ridable, probably 120W or so). I click “Ride” and get the blue Zwift “loading …” screen. Somewhere between this screen and landing in the relevant world, the trainer kicks into a super high resistance, and frequently get the “spiral of death” to the point where I am stalled and have to wait for erg mode to disable. Other times, I manage to keep the pedals moving and avoid stalling, but am still spiking power 300-400 watts or more at 40 rpm!

Anyone else getting issues?