Direto X - watts and RPM fluctuate heavily - any help?

Hi guys,

I installed Direto X and there is a problem. Wher I go at aprox 70 RPM, RPM in Zwift jumps from 0 to 70, the same for Watts, from 0 to hundreds…speed 0 to 30. Anybody can help?
I did the setup in MyTraining, I wake up the trainer and THAN i start Zwift… I have BT and Ant+, regular PC…

So, is there any guide? There are several trainers available in Zwift menu - I tried them all, but none of them worked:( Is tehre any trick how to make Direto X working with Zwift?

Thank you, Jan

Try to put ant+ as close to Direto as possible.

I am having the same thing. Did you find a set up issue or have zwift suggested anything to resolve this?

Use ANT+ FE-C as power, cadence and controllable.
Put the ANT+ Stick as near as possible to the Direto X with an USB extension cable.

I am using an IPad and Bluetooth. Is this a known issue?