Direto X lag or just strange

Hey you lot of legends!

So whilst my Kickr is away for replacement I am using my wife’s Direto. I noticed tonight that it either really lags/delayed over inclines/declines by about 2-3 seconds and on flats the resistance changes for a split second or two, so rubbish in a race.
Very odd.

I have calibrated and checked firmware via Upgrado then Elites training app. Figures are spot on for the numbers.
Upgrado states I’m on the correct version but I kept getting error messages for a number of times saying it didn’t recognise the trainer model at first.

I am a bit stumped as she mentioned it before but didn’t really take much notice - now I’m defo in the dog house and need some help if there is any?

Try different connections…ANT+ vs BT (also via Companion App).
I know that Direto users have problem with long supertuck delay and this is one of the reasons.

Hope you can fix it.

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my old original direto was slow to supertuck, I think its just an issue inherent with elite trainers

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The lag over inclines/descents isn’t normal though. My Direto doesn’t do that, over BT at least (I’ve never used it over ANT+).

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Mine is fine on ANT so I would contact elite support OP. They generally try to be as helpful as they can in my experience

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All the trainers I have had (although not a direto) have always responded quicker via bluetooth compared to ant+ but ant+ tends to have a slightly higher baseline resistance

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Have contacted elite and they say 2 to 3 seconds delay is normal and this is due to step motor that completes this function.

Will try via Bluetooth and see if much difference.

Thanks for the response though.

actually, after reading this thread i just tried bluetooth for the first time in three years and it does seem to respond better. i never had problems with gradients and i don’t do erg mode workouts but it did have an annoying habit of cutting off the first second or two of my sprint efforts on ANT+ which it seems to have resolved

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