Direction markers showing in meetup after switching from NY world

Joining a Meetup after a warmup ride in the New York world the most recent direction markers for NY continually show for the entire meetup. These are annoying because there’re for a different world and also cover up following rider information. Note: this only seems to be an issue when going a meetup directly from NY, other worlds do not seem to present this issue.

I had this exact same problem last week, but warm was in France and meetup was Harrogate. Going to try and reproduce issue now



Yes I was able to repro this .

  1. Created a meetup in Harrogate - UCI Lap route 15 mins or so in future

  2. Start Zwift / free riding in London

  3. KEY : Rode until hit the first junction / where you could change direction (Big Ben)

  4. Switched to Meetup using the option on bottom left hand corner of main zwift screen

  5. Start riding meetup in Harrogate , can see the Big Ben option in pic as below. 2nd pic shows that the “Change direction” signs stay on the companion app

Companion App