Different Types of AI riders.

(L Read) #1

In the real world, some riders are friendly and social to other riders and they will slow down and regroup with slower riders. Others are uber competitive and will try to drop you every chance they get and wont wait for anyone. Some are roleurs and excel in the flats but sluggish on the climbs while some are more explosive on the climbs but not great on descents, etc. The AI’s should reflect some of these real world characteristics of riders one would meet out on the road.

(William Gillanders) #2

I totally agree and posted something very similar previously. Part of the problem is that the AIs all appear the same so that even if they did have a personality you might know until you rode with them for a while. My suggestion was to give the AIs different team kits to make clear their personalities - of course you could also use other visual cues - weight of rider, slammed stem versus positive rise stem, cadence, position on bike and/or shaved legs
The possibilities are endless and would really add some more interactivity

(L Read) #3

Perhaps make the different types of AI riders- different colors since they are robot like- shades of red for the aggressive AIs, blue for the friendly AIs, green for the noodling along AIs. The AI’s should also visibly look different in their body builds- muscular, thin, tall, short, etc.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Definitely in the works! We’ve just got them all in there as-is right now for the Beta :slight_smile: