Different Pin Color for People I Follow

It can be tricky at times to meet up with a friend / find a friend who took a wrong turn.  How about changing the pin color on the map for people you follow.  It would make for an easier way to spot them ahead (or behind) you!  Thanks!

Also - I understand why you would want to not keep the running KOM clock for the 2 new climbs on screen for the entire climb, but would love to see the KOM list more often.  How about a few “check points” where the KOM would be shown along the way up (alpine village or palace) or just push it out to the mobile app so we can see where we stand on the list on the way up?  Thanks again!


Hi Steve -

That sounds like a great idea with the map pins! I’ve added it to our feature request list for consideration in a future update.

I also approve of having the Epic KOM leaderboard appear automatically a few times during the climb, and have added that to our requests list as well. In the meantime, you can switch your leaderboards to always be visible by navigating to the Settings menu from the Paused menu, and switching your leaderbaords from Auto to Always - and can be toggled back to Auto after your climbs if you like.

Ride on!