Different Kickr's selected for power & control

I’ve got two Kickr’s in my home … mine & my wifes. We both use Zwift on Apple TV using the companion app to gate the BTLE signals from the Kickr to Zwift.

My wife’s setup is on the 2nd floor. My setup is in the basement. They are relatively far apart from each other (2 floors vertically & at least 30 feet horizontally).

Frequently we have a problem where the wrong Kickr is selected (my wife, upstairs, tries to work out and my Kickr is selected).

Also, we have situations where one Kickr is selected as the power source and the other is selected as a controllable trainer.

Anyone know if there is a way to have Zwift select the most powerful signal, or at minimum, always select the last trainer selected?

I’ve submitted a support ticket, but thought I’d ask here too.