Different Equipment Stats Mac vs PC?

I just noticed that my friend, who uses a Mac, seems to have a big advantage when it comes to his equipment stats. Example: His Zipp 808s have 4 stars in both weight and aero, mine is 1 star weight and 4 stars aero. His Roval CLX64 is 3 stars weight and 4 stars aero while mine show 2 stars weight and 3 stars aero Why is this? Does it actually make a difference in the game or is it just on the stats sheet?
ZwiftMac1 !


I am guessing it is a discrepancy caused by different versions :man_shrugging:t2:Make sure you are both running the latest version and then compare again. If they are still not the same, open a ticket w/Zwift support.


Although annoying, at least it does not affect your ability to ride!