Difference in Timings and distance TDF Courses depending on time

Two of us did the course LEtape du Tour Stage 2 I completed the course at 5pm and my buddy did it at 7pm. The finishing distance for him was 45.5 km and a finish time of 1.10.05 however I did the course at 5pm and my time was 1.10.29, however, my distance was 47.4.

Why is there a difference, on swift power I was quicker than my buddy?

So where are the most accurate results?

Any clarity would be great thanks.

Are the reference numbers (time/distance) taken from immediately after the finish or from looking at the companion app or logging in to zwift after the fact? I think the only time zwift itself shows you the actual course completion figures is immediately after you finish (it displays on the screen for a moment or two); otherwise the companion app (for example) includes warmup in the pen + any extra cooldown in the elapsed time, and any extra cooldown in the total distance.

Thanks for the reply, we both took a screen grab the second we crossed the line and the distances are different?

Now you come to mention it, I’ve noticed distances different from what I was expecting, either in comparison to route lengths or other riders that I am alongside.

I imagine it’s because Zwift has got a rough way of accumulating distance ridden during a ride, and doesn’t apply any correction for known segment length.