Difference in Garage between platforms


I’m not sure whether this is know already but my Garage inventory is not the same between Zwift platforms. Typically, I have more jerseys to select from in the Android version of the app than on the Windows PC version which I use on my Zwift setup. For example more jerseys are available on the Android platform and than on the PC app. The jersery will show up correctly in the PC application once selected but is not available to choose directly from Garage in the PC application. I haven’t done any extensive digging but is seems to affect the same jerseys namely, in my case, the DIRT and Danish national jersey.


I know the DIRT jersey needs to be manually added to your garage, maybe the same for the Danish National jersey, and wonder if that is the reason it is only showing up on one platform and not the other? @James_Zwift might know?

Thanks for the reply.

The Danish jersey was added after finishing a certain event. Nonetheless, it’s a bit puzzling to me why it shows up on the Android app and not the PC.

the order also gets mixed up sometimes, especially when something new is added, could it just be in a different spot?

I have tried to look through the PC inventory quite thoroughly but did not find it. The order was indeed different, though.