Difference in distance on top HUD and Rider List

Just noticed a discrepancy between the distance ridden listed at the top in the HUD and what is being shown in the Riders List. This was on a group ride last night.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Windows 10 setup. Latest game version.

When you joined the pen, how far back from the start line were you?

Right at the front, doubt that is it because I have never seen a distance discrepancy in prior versions of the game. And even the yellow beacon (who gets placed right at the start of the gates) noted their distances were off by 0.2-0.3 km so something is going on.

There have been discrepancies before, sometimes it’s just down to the difference between the distance into the event and the overall distance travelled, others it’s been a bug…

Happens even when not in an event, in my experience. Normally only 0.1km out though, so I expect rounding errors and different parts of the UI being written by different people.