Didn’t receive credit for Off the maap [August 2021]

Getting the exact same issue, glad its not just me. Hopefully we get it fixed.

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I’ve got the same issue. Completed stages 2-4 all ok, but did stage 1 make up today and never got the credit or email.


I completed the course 2 and 4 today, but it was not reflected. It’s very annoying.

Yes, I had the same problem on Stage 2. Zwift Support fixed it. Last night I completed Stage 4 - same problem again. I contacted Zwift Support again and I’m waiting to hopefully have that credited properly as well.

I have just finished stage 1. And have done all 4 stages. But no unlock and the website still says I have only done 2 rides.

New to Zwift and just started this weekend. Did Stage 2 and 3 so far but none of them shows as completed. Do I need to ride them in order? Or can I just not start the event on the make up days?

Stage 2 and 4 I did in the original time slots and they were shown correctly. Today I finished Stage 1 and 3 but they are not shown in the status… So unfortunately got the series not complete but put a lot of effort in today :pensive:
Can you fix that, Zwift?

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I have had exactly the same with Stages 2 and 3. They both show as completed in the companion app too🤷‍♂️

Did the Off the MAAP Stage 1 makeup ride today, but didn’t get the kit. Also got no credit for it on the zwift website off the maap page. Completed all 4 stages and also logged out then back in, still no. Same thing happened to my friend, except he did the stage 4 makeup ride, which was his first MAAP stage and didn’t recieve the cap and socks. Any solutions for both of us?

Same problem here, except it was Stage 2 (earlier today) for me … and, unlike with the other three stages, I didn’t receive an e-mail from Zwift confirming stage completion. I would imagine there are many in the same boat as us. Hopefully, Zwift is working on a fix, though I’m personally not going to get too bent out of shape over a piece of kit that will get lost in the dozens of others in my collection…

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Did Stage 1 earlier this evening to complete all four events. It was a lovely evening and would have been good to ride outdoors. Got in a good group and completed the Long ride, but like others no notifications to say MAAP and no kit unlock either.
Any solutions please?

I finished all events but have not received all the kit

I completed all 4 stages and didn’t get credit for the complete tour. Have 4 emails for finishes for each stage, the event disappeared from Companion - no unlocks.

I had similar issue… I completed Stage 2, went to save, & got kicked out of the game while saving.

Hope I can get the credit. I don’t want to repeat that climb!

i finished stage 1 and 2 in makeup ride , but didn’t receive credit too, hope Zwift can solve this !

Same here, finished stage 3 in makeup ride, but didn’t receive the jersey.

Same here. Did all the stages yesterday but did not receive anything. No link to order IRL but also no kit in game.

Can you please have a look?

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Same with me. Stage 1 completed on 23rd Aug which means 4 stages now done but no kit unlock or confirmation email.

The activity recorded fine and shows up in companion app and zwift power.


Finished the last stage yesterday. Have the same problem everyone else have. Stage 2 doesn´t show as completed. For this stage i didn´t get an email either. Just the ingame notification.

I did the last stage yesterday at noon which was one of the last chances to do it. I got the banner and it’s in my activities report but no kit. Bummer since I rushed home from a trip just to finish it before the series ended. :confused: