Did you just do something to draft and momentum?

Not really a racing issue, but since it concerns racing the most, I’ll post it here.

I just came out of ZRacing Stage 1, where I, once again, got crushed by heavy weighters who stayed behind in cat while I got upgraded. Can’t wait for the results-based cats that you promised.

Anyway, I noticed something funny while racing. Did you just do something to drag and momentum in the patch? I didn’t recognize the physics.

What happened:
Being my old mean self I avoided the wind in the 2nd group (front group was untouchable) and didn’t contribute one bit in eliminating sudden gaps, but then at some point I decided to contribute a little after all by bridging to two strays in front of us. The others behind me upped their effort a little as well, as anyone would, but they were not in the wind. Knowing what this normally does to my momentum I compensated a bit, as usual, because they would pass me as soon as I slacked off a little. But instead I fell straight through the group while pedaling like a lunatic.

Same thing happened again when I got sloppy later and got a whiff of wind. I got spat out the back and had to chase even.

Then after the race, which was very short, I decided on something of a spindown with a pace partner. I got to the front at one point but unlike in a race the front was a bit contested, and I fell straight through again almost the entire peloton (quite big with pace partners, you know) before I got control of the loss of momentum. It was kind of like trying to get control of an aircraft after a stall and spin.

What is this? Isn’t this new? I don’t particularly like the physics. Nor do I think it simulates outdoors better. Quite contrary actually.

It didn’t happen all the time. You could anticipate power changes in corners etc like normal, but every now and then it was this feeling of loss of momentum no matter what you did, and it took quite a while and a lot of force to recover.

P.S. The new 80’s font sucks. Sorry. It looks kewl but the numbers are harder to read.

No changes have been made to pack dynamics/draft.

@James_Zwift Thanks for clearing that out. Ugh… ok, so it’s the swan song of my trainer then. Only other explanation. It’s just that it happened right after a patch so it seemed too much of a coincidence.

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