Did we change to virtual cadence since update?

(L Read) #1

Since the update last week, my cadence on the screen does not match my actual cadence as displayed on my computrainer head unit. Some times off by up to 20rpms. So now I can not trust the onscreen cadence display. I was never the case previously. Did something change? I did check my cad sensor and magnet- they are ok.

(Doug Goglia) #2

Same issue here. Cadence can be off by over 20 rpm.

(Roger Pier - CISCYCLING) #3

I noticed the same thing yesterday. I noticed it more on the hills. My actual cadence was 95+ and the on screen cadence was 50+.

(chaad thomas) #4

I just did my first ride and am having the same problem, but I am using the virtual power for the Cycleops Fluid2, so I was wondering if the RPM issue was part of how Zwift manages VP.

My connection seems fine, because my HR transmits okay.  I also tried using my PowerCal, and it seemed to transmit ok as well, although I was unable to select the PCal for power only; it kept selecting it for Cadence as well, and that didn’t work at all (dropouts, wild jumps in both Pwr and Cad).

I have a 4iiii speed/cadence sensor that seems to be transmitting fine; speed varies appropriately, but cadence does seem to often be doing it’s own thing, though it does stop when I stop.

Am I looking at a glitch, or is this behavior when using VP?

(Jon Giles) #5

I have the same problem.  I have for some time.  I assumed it was a correction Zwift was using.

On another note, I’ve rode with my speed sensor (on a dumb trainer) and Wahoo Kicker.  I notice that Computrainer is harder to climb hills and goes down faster than the other trainers.  Do any of you have the same issue.  Does Zwift need to adjust the Computrainer algorithm?

(Ron Skinner) #6

I had the cadence issue, but I quit the ride then restarted and it was OK the second time around, nd has been fine since.  Climbing with the computrainer is hard, but the grade is 10% at a couple of pints so it should be really hard.  Try 10% in Racermate 1 it is really hard resistance.

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #7

My cadence on Zwift has never matched my Computrainer since I started using Zwift in January. I’ve checked it on both the Mac and Windows version. You should file a report. Since the latest Mac update the software crashes every time that I start a ride after login, pairing, etc… Jon Maysfield at Zwift is aware of both issues. I know that there are only 10 people using the Mac version with a Computrainer.

(Doug Goglia) #8

I find that reported  cadence is closest when I am pedaling over 90rpm.  It may be 2-3 rpm off,  if I am pe dally at lower RPM, for instance when climbing (I stay in a bigger gear often to replicate climbing at a slightly slower cadence), the difference is much larger.

I don’t think the climbs in Zwift (using a Computrainer) are hard enough.   I can’t climb a real 10% grade in a big gear at relatively high speed outdoors.


On downhills, I find that I don’t have to have the same power output as those presumably on dumb trainers to maintain speed.  I chalked this up to the use of dumb trainers, and think the resistance on downhills feels a bit more accurate.

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #9

To follow up - I find the cadence only accurate at about 90-95 rpm. Earlier this week I did 2 rides on Zwift that I usually do on RacerMate. The first was cadence. I was trying to maintain 85+ on climbs and going up to 110+ on descents. When I was climbing Zwift had my cadence at 90+ when I was only turning about 80 on steepest section of Col De Zwift. On the descents, the highest I saw was about 105 when I was turning 115. My last ride was climb focused with sit and stand drills. Again the cadence was way off on the climbs - showed much higher than Computrainer. I agree with Doug on the climbs. I ride a compact crank and can climb everything on Zwift with 50/25 combo. Not possible on the road for my. Racemate One forces me into the 30 up front on steeper climbs.

(Roger Pier - CISCYCLING) #10

I’ve noticed that if it takes me a while to start riding, after already being placed on the road, I will loose connection, which is expected. If I reconnect while still logged in, that is when I will end up with virtual cadence. When I log off completely and restart Zwift, I now have my actual (accurate) cadence displayed. If anyone is having cadence issues, try closing Zwift and logging back in. It works for me and I hope it works for you too.


(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #11

Roger - are you using a Computrainer?


(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #12

Just downloaded the latest Mac version. Cadence is spot on with my Computrainer.


(Roger Pier - CISCYCLING) #13

Hi Jim. I am using Kinetic road machine.