Did my sixth Norseman but no Jersey unlocked

Hi Support,

as you can read in the subject today i completed my 6th Norseman but at the end i have not unlocked the Norseman Jersey.

Maybe i have to wait until the end of all norseman events? If not can u check it please?

Thank you in advance for your support


Same to me. Let me know whats happen.

Did others unlock that you rode with? Some unlocks, esp. with multiple stages don’t show until a update on Zwift. I believe an update is scheduled for Monday, if the bug department is ready to fix the disc wheel option in the drop shop.

I don’t know cause no one of the other riders told me that. IN norseman series the kit is unlocked when u complete 6 stage . yesterday was the 8th stage i think…maybe other riders had already unlocked it

Official answer from Zwift support below:

“I’m sorry for all the confusion with the Norseman kit, I understand how frustrating this is. The Norseman kit won’t be given out until after the entire series is over (March 23rd)”

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Thank you fabio

Thank Sir same happen to me

I completed six of the twelve Norseman races and checked today (25 March) after the Zwift update if I unlocked the Norseman jersey, but unfortunately I found none. Are there others who have this same issue? And do we know if this is a bug or do we have to wait a bit longer?

Same here, completed 7 of the 12, no kit.

No kit for me either… worked hard for this. Please let us know when we will be rewarded for our hard efforts.

Same here, completed 8 of the 12, no kit.

in my case i found the jersey in my garage after 6 norseman completed but…i found it accidentally while i was trying to wear another jersey.
No messages, no popups, no mail and in the garage the jersey section was “clear” without that number that appears when there is something new unlocked.

same with me… follow this :slight_smile:

I contacted support with this issue and they said that they’ve put me on the list to manually add the kit. Can take several weeks however. I suggest you all do the same…

Thanks, did the same, similar reply.