Did I calculate my race category wrong?

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #42

Very well said. I think (read I hope) there are only a few cheaters around us and most just do it for the fun. Don’t punish them either for a lack of competence of racing or just having a good day. I like competition and to hold on to a group or to overtake others during the steep climbs and try to keep up then on the flats. What is wrong with people just having fun.

Take the other topic as an example, if the guy with some extra weight has more pleasure by just lowering his weight in Zwift settings so he is able to participate with other ridesrs, then just let hem do that. There are lots of people who just take it all to serious if it is about the “right category”. Most riders are just for fun and for training on Zwift, not to win races.

(Robert C) #43

Absolute power (e.g. FTP) is the main driver on the flats, and W/kg the main driver on climbs. At a given W/kg level, a heavier rider will rip you on the flats, be even with you in the climbs, and rip you in descents.

(Robert C) #44

At 220W FTP, on flat courses, you are dead in anything else than D unless there’s a train you can hang on to.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #45

I would like to agree with all of what you guys are saying. Yes Zwift is a lot of fun and racing is even more fun. But it take some of the fun out if there are people in a group where thy do not belong and you chace them down burning matches only to see afterwards that they are sandbagging.

I would like it if zwift move away from w/kg and start with a ranking system, there is a lot of C riders that is in the top 10 every race they do, but they are with in the rules so they don’t need to move. With a ranking system you will progress to the next group as you get stronger. same goes for other groups.

Ranking with more Categories will many racing even more fun and I think rider will race even harder. Imaging being in a group 20 racers of similar strength, it will be attack on attack for a full hour.

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #46

You will have my vote!

(Robert C) #47

I fully agree - but I can see the implementation complexities on the app side. It would require placing you automatically into a category as you select to enter an event, based on your past performances. This feature is non-existent in the app now; you can already see with zwiftpower.com (where one is supposed to register for races, which 50% of people, me included, never do) that the whole setup is an afterthought at best.

It would be neat however; you enter as a newbie in D, you perform well, you upgrade to C and so on, you start slacking off and you get downgraded.

But in any case, I personally really don’t care if I finish 1st or 30th, every race I did there were rockets flying in the front and finishing the D category race head of the A pack. My only interest is in getting a heavy workout, with much fewer people on the road, and hopefully with nice group dynamics in the part of the pack where I end up. The overall dynamics make most races be a long streched line with small groups rather than a real pack anyways.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #48

Yes Zwiftpower.com is a afterthought, it came after Zwift and it is nice addition to zwift, but it is not Zwift it is run by guys that like racing and they do it in there spare time.

Yes i am sure it is not something that the programmers can create in a few days, it is a big task. but i think this will be nice for the racing community. Although i like ZP and the work they do, but filter after the fack is just not the same as pre race. The best racing experiance I had was the CVR series on Zwift where we had to pre register and all riders in your group was at the same level, so i knew I had to chase every attack and I knew that I can win a race if I have a good day.

When I were racing IRL there would be multiple categories on big races up to 100 different groups, and depending on the strength of field you will be in different groups every race. With all that said this mean you will have to be in the pen 5 min before the race then the program will rate all the riders and put them in the correct Cat.

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #49

I think as a programmer that it is not that difficult to implement. It is mainly a mindshift from w/kg based thinking to race-skill thinking. In the end it is just a number to categorize riders.

(Robert C) #50

They don’t have a categorization mechanism now. They leave it to the users to select which group they belong to. So there is no code to look at your profile/data and assign you to a group.

(Pedro Errecart) #51

Are you referring to zwiftpower (ZP)? Actually, ZP does assign you to a certain category after your recent performances. Yo can sign whichever category you want, but if it is a lower one than that suggested by ZP you will be disqualified and not included in ZP race results. You will race the race, anyway.

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #52

This is watt(/kg) based and not racing competence based. We are suggesting categories based on your position in the result.

(Robert C) #53

I was referring to the app itself. In my (certainly limited) view, ZwiftPower is a noble attempt to patch in some missing functionality in Zwift. It would be interesting to see which % of race entrants actually use it. The fact that most users who do use it report their classification going up significantly between end-of-race results and ZwiftPower data indicates that a significant number of race entrants don’t. Ideally those functions should be part of the app itself.

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #54

@Gerrie_Delport Check my results of last week and keep in mind that I had a tough workout on tuesday. Do you consider me a B or C rider on watt/kg?

(Lin Alan) #55

I was curious and had a look. I’d say you’re a B, a low end to middle B depending on who shows up, but still a B. And definitely a B if you’re confident that your FTP is 220W at 63kg (3.49 W/kg). There is nothing “C” about a 3.5 W/kg FTP.