Device detection excruciatingly slow.

Using the mobile bridge on my SG5. Start the bridge app, start the zwift app on windows 10 system. Zwift logs in, hits device connection page.

After 1/2 a minute or so it finds my Kickr for power… wait, wait wait… another minute or two it might find my HRM (tickr) if not, I start this process all over again. At some point it finds the HRM… now while pedaling waiting for the cadence (also the wahoo product) wait, wait, wait, 2-3 minutes it might find my cadence transmitter

Just to get into a ride mode takes (as mentioned) and excruciatingly long time,

I’ve tested all of the devices and they are working perfectly… what’s up? 

Oh, and I have to repeat this process on every use. I’d rather spend this time riding, not futzing around with my computers.

Since you’re using the ZML app, it could be related to your home network/WiFi, as that’s what it’s connecting over. See if you can improve your WiFi signal, or if you have a lot of traffic on your network, reduce that (i.e. cut out video streaming, downloads, etc.).

Or you can just get a ANT+ dongle for a few bucks.

A few bucks? Yeah I guess, 20-35 bucks is at least a few, and what connection problems will this create (and of course it would have to be some rogue transmitter under my floorboards that’s the cause of that issue too).

I am also having this issue - long detection times - using the Zwift iOS app and a Wahoo Kickr Snap, Wahoo Tickr HRM, and Wahoo cadence sensor.  The Wahoo iOS app finds all three sensors almost immediately when powered up, but not so the Zwift app. 

I’m lucky if Zwift sees one of them right away.  Often it’s none of them, and the message comes up that I should wake up the sensors.  Other times only the HRM shows up, or the cadence sensor, or the Snap.

Is there a trick to getting the Zwift app to recognize all the sensors?  What I find I am doing is having to exit the app and then re-start it.  Eventually, sometimes after several such restarts, it will see the Snap at least (and if lucky one of the other sensors) so I can start riding.  At some point later if I return to the menu I might be able to finally pair the other sensor(s).

Again, the Wahoo iOS app doesn’t seem to have any issue finding and pairing with all three sensors, so I’m not sure why Zwift seems to have issues?  (No other apps are running when I am using Zwift.)

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@R.Pell, For me it takes upto 5 seconds but iOS picks them Wahoo bluetooth devices very quickly. On the Mac sometimes I have to struggle and restart the app several times. 

Might be off topic but Zwift pretty much froze for me at the connecting to devices screen. I’m using VirtualHere with an Ant Dongle plugged into an android phone so it acts like its plugged into the Zwift computer. I think if the phone is in battery saver and goes to sleep it can put the dongle to sleep. The dongle is still “visible” to Zwift in the top left but not really connected anymore and Zwift does not respond gracefully at all. Solution ended up to just unplug and plug the dongle back into the phone. No amount of restarting Zwift fixed it.

I say this because I got here from google trying to work out why the connect to devices screen was running about 0.01% the speed so maybe this will help someone.

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