Device bluetooth ATV woes with new update

Using Apple TV (older 4K) with iPhone 6S ( both with latest updates)

3 devices (plus remote) Poor HRM, garmin V3 power pedals, Kinetic Smart control E5:D (older road machine : BT only)

Just updated, get to pairing screen.

Pair with swift companion selected on swift page and within ZCA, which is waiting as usual at “Loading maps”) on same network

select V3 as power Source ( and cadence) No controllable devices available
select Smart Control as power source, also available to connect in controllable devices
Re-select power source to V3, no controllable device nor any that can be selected.
un-connect HRM (now just 2 devices) still as above
Turn off iPhones BT, all devices disappear

Turn OFF swift screen pair with swift companion.
No warnings as to only 2 devices allowed
select smart control as power source as above can still select in controllable
now reselect power source : V3 and Smart Control Offered, select V3 , now controllable stays
3 devices now connected with “Pair with swift companion” off

in iPhone list of BT devices Smartcontrol and Polar OH1 shown as Connected
Garmin V3 pedals “Not Connected”
Turn off iPhone BT all now not connect on swift screen !
turn back o all present and connected, but v3 power source showing connected
but needed re-selection to give power data, (controllable then also need re-selecting)

Any one else see this? should devices be remembered between reboots