Desparate for a HUMAN BEING to help me pair

Sorry, but you might want to try the above after powering down your phone.

OK, I’m unclear which version of the Kickr this is but I have a solution to find that out. Can you visit this linked page: Differences between Wahoo KICKR Versions | Zwift Insider

…and compare the photos of the Kickrs there with yours.

You should be able to isolate which one it is based on subtle changes between model years.

The only two that aren’t shown are the 2020 model and the Core. Core has different legs entirely.

The 2020 looks like a 2018 but adds an RJ-11 (phone cord) type jack and probably bigger feet. (of course the age of the unit will help narrow it down if you know when you bought it)

I bring this up as there may be specific, known issues with connectivity based on model year.


Hello Nigel , Steven, and everyone else. My Wahoo kickr is the '17 model, according to the austrailian guy’s site. I unpligged the kickr, and sll 3 plugs to the spple TV, then plgged them in after half a minute. Opened zwift, and clicked on POWER SOURCE. TAP TO PAIR . I got this message: WAHOO KICKR 89AO 151. with all four bars. Indicating a strong blutooth signal, as i understand such things. Then I get this message: NO SIGNAL (sometimes, but ususlly no messge) I Am beginning to wonder if it is the snart trainer 9itself… FOR STEVEN: before i start anything, the kickr has its ANT+ light on steadily. The bluetooth light flashes once about every 1.5 seconds. I click on POWER SOURCE TAP TO PAIR , and these kickr lights continue as described. Same result when i click SPEED SENSOR TAP TO PAIR. pedaling does not change these lights. That damned squirrel usually pops out and tells me to wake up my device ( this after pedaling ten minutes) i think they all woke by now. Zwift is great. My avatar and whole monitor screen have never misbehaved. Maybe the following are RELEVANT? It all worked with my cheap LG phone, Albeit without the GAME mode, which was intermittant and totally random. I almost never got to use poweups kuz i wasn’t in GAME mode. I broke a vertebra and took several months off. I got this better phone : Samsung galaxy and have not been able to psir with it. It works perfectly at all times and places…i can’t belive it’s the phone’s fault. Also. Everything is plugged into a single power strip on a 50 foot 12 gauge ext. Cord… in summer i plug the fan into it. It all worked in the past. That’s all i have for you right now. Thank you for helping, but i am still without zwift… with great gratitude and hope, Doug keith. PS> THis new phone shows me GAME mode, sometimes before I start pedaling. Of course it is useless, kuz it just sits there, not interactive. I just now realized that Zwift has never worked properly for me. This is my reality. I don’t know how it works for people who have no problems… using DISCORD, and other apps… I am at the absolute end of my patience. Zwift is a wonderful technology: makes Peloton look like a gigantic rip-off. But I have wasted significant money, I have to fix it or stop. I am going away for a few days, but Sunday night I will be back home and will see if any of you wise and kind folks have any ideas. THANK YOU.

Yep… Tried all of that in that sequence. NOTHING. I have given u on trying to pair with the phone. THANKS

Someone may have already suggested this, but the phone needs “location permission” for Zwift to use the bluetooth signal and bridge it to your Apple TV. However, it would be much easier to pair directly to the Apple TV, so the fact that it won’t is concerning.

Can you pair the trainer to your phone using the Wahoo app? Does it work there, can you perform a calibration spin down in the Wahoo app? If you also can’t pair to the Wahoo app, then it is starting to look like the trainer has failed. I suggest you also open a support ticket with Wahoo now and get them involved.

Good luck!

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There was an issue with ATV a while back where you had to enable location services to get ATV to pair with devices via Bluetooth.

You might need to uninstall the Zwift app to force this, or go into the settings, but the uninstall, reinstall is probably the quicker way of doing it.

THIS is an important piece of the puzzle: according to the ZwiftInsider article I linked, the Kickr 2017 does NOT support multiple Bluetooth connections.

You’ll need to be especially careful to not have any other device “remember” it - like, “give all your devices amnesia” before you attempt to connect your Kickr to whatever you run Zwift on.


HOLY CRAP. so maybe that’s why my heart rate monitor and cadence have never really worked right? I did re-download and install WAHOO FITNESS. And now the bluetooth light on the kickr stays on steadily. But still NO PAIR. Going out of town til Sunday night. Hope you all have my problem figured out by then!!! HA HA I will contact Mr WAHOO himself and inquire.

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This thread is enthralling and like waiting for the next series of ‘Black Summer’!

I need an update before Sunday!

I like a sense of humor. Stay tuned.

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At least we got that fixed for you! :upside_down_face: