Desktop crash -> Subsequent activities not logged

Hi, Been Zwifting since ~Dec 2021 and have had 2-3 instances where the desktop app crashes. I re-start and finish a new ride. Everything tracks normally on Companion app (Samsung 21/Android) as well as the desktop (Lenovo SFF/Win10). I save the workout on Companion - all good. Check my Activities and the ride wasn’t logged. Try another 1.7 mile test ride (perhaps the Save/Discard form on the desktop could either tell the rider if their ride is too short to log, or only highlight the Discard option?!) with the same outcome - ride doesn’t show in Activities.

The only thing that seems to resurrect it is to re-install Zwift. Surely there’s a better/easier way. A corrupt log/activity file, a lock file, etc. under User/Zwift that could be fixed or deleted?

I expect that I’ll sometimes suffer an app crash and potentially lose that ride, but would hope for a more graceful recovery. To be clear, this isn’t about what causes the crash, it’s the fact that post-crash Zwift appears to be behaving normally during the ride, but repeatedly fails to save the Activity until a re-install.

Thanks for any pointers!