Desert Course is Ready to Launch

(Z Kryder) #1

Mayfield’s Sample Ride

Are you ready?

(Lin) #2

Eric Min’s Ride

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3
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(Paul) #4

About time we get a flat course, now it just needs to be longer.

(Z Kryder) #5

You can ride any road as flat by adjusting trainer setting to 0 %.
Richmond is really flat. Too many buildings for some.
This looks natural at least.
Any chance of seeing Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner?

(Paul) #6

You are missing the point of people requesting flat routes, but that seems to be the norm.

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(Lin) #7

It’s live! Update your Zwift app!

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(Adam) #8

Just took a look on it.
This is really cool!
The the new part of the map is huge.
Thank you Zwift team )

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(paul) #9

Is it just the desert section or both parts as they show on the new route map? The picture they posted shows a route going through a green hilly region?

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(Adam) #10

No, the white section in the green mountains it is a closed route for the moment.
But when riding yo can see this route, but cannot turn inside.

(paul) #11

Thanks Adam. Shame flat routes aren’t for me but looks fun for those it interests. Will look forward to the new hilly section opening :+1:

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(John) #12

Ridden it this morning. It is perfect as a warm up, warm down or simply for putting miles in your legs. I really enjoyed it. Well done Zwift!

But why no fanfare? When I logged on to Zwift there was nothing to tell me was a new map. I would have missed it if I hadn’t already seen this thread.

No-one has mentioned the new Zwift music yet…

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(Mike) #13

I was so excited when I saw a post on my facebook feed last night that I rode the new course at midnight, didn’t get much sleep last night but the new roads are great! Looking forward to the hilly section opening, looks like it might follow the canyon rim which would be cool, and how about the large bridge way up high? Future expansion maybe?

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(Thad) #14

The new expansion shows up in my companion app, but not on Apple TV or iPad. At the spot where the turn should be I see riders flying by at warp speed, but no way for me to turn on to it. All apps have been updated today. Any ideas?

(Mike) #15

I think there is some lag for Apple products, I believe all updates need to be verified by Apple first so it always takes an extra day or so for them to approve. I might be wrong…

(Tim Brulet ( C )) #16

I am using Apple TV and companion app. It is not showing up as a route under Watopia. I have updated the app on companion. Do I also need to update the app on Apple TV? If so, how is that done?

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #17

Open the App store.

Select “Purchased” at the top of the screen.
Open Zwift.

You’ll see a big button that will either say “Update” or, if there is no update available, “Open”. Click that button.

(Thad) #18

Most Apple TVs are set to automatically update apps. The latest version release notes clearly states it includes new routes, but even with that latest version, it doesn’t show up for some of us. A restart of the Apple TV didn’t help - hopefully it will magically be working for tomorrow’s ride.

(Lin) #19

Auto update does not mean it will update as soon as a new app is released, Zwift or otherwise. The auto-update is not realtime. It probably check once every couple days, def not more than once a day.

You should always go in to the App store and check for yourself and then manually update if necessary. Otherwise, you can end up waiting a while for the auto-update.

I had to manually update my Apple TV this afternoon, even though auto-update is enabled and it’s been over 24hrs since the release. And I verified all the new courses are available.

(Z Kryder) #20

Loved the course. It has everything a desert should have (except maybe a casino wheel)
Saw a vulture flying above me when I stopped.

The climbing section should be very soon. HQ rode it so it is finished or maybe needs a little polish yet.

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