Deselect Connected Account When Saving Ride

I seem to recall that we use to be able to deselect a Connected Account when saving a ride.

It would be great if we could deselect an account at the end of a ride when saving much in the same way Wahoo SYSTM allows.


Connecting / disconnecting to our third-party partners is done either from the Zwift Companion app, or your Zwift profile web page. Instructions are here. We do not have plans to also bring the connection / disconnection functionality to the End Ride screen at this time.

While we do hear what you’re saying - there’s a counterargument to be made that there’s already enough things you need to select and click on that screen before you hit Save.

For similar reasons that I think you have for not wanting every Zwift ride to go everwhere, instead of linking Zwift with all of the apps, I just link Garmin Connect to the other apps, and do manual import to Garmin when I do want the fit file distributed around.

Thanks for the tip @Wannie. However, I want my zwift running activity save configuration to be different than that of my cycling save configuration which I cannot do without the ability of selecting accounts at the time of save.

To @shooj 's point that allowing user’s to toggle accounts on the save page may overly complicate the page…I respectfully disagree. If the user has no desire to change or disable accounts they simply enable and forget.