Derailleur adjustment on smart trainer?

Hi, I need some good advise on how to adjust me rear derailleur while its connected to my smart trainer on Zwift. Tried to set up a 50W training but of course ERG kicking in making it impossible to turn the crank by hand while I adjust the derailleur.
Any tips?

Turn ERG off and use the incline button on the companion app to reduce the resistance.

It also help to have someone pedal a bit.

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Don’t connect the trainer to Zwift, unplug it from power even, then it should be easier to pedal by hand. Once you get the fly wheel momentum up a bit it will be easier to keep it moving.

this was a ■■■■■ to do solo on a saris because of the heavy flywheel, but i recommend putting the bike on a stand and the trainer on a stool while mounted to the bike at the very least so you don’t have to lie on the floor while doing it

obviously, do it unplugged