Dempsey Challenge 2021 FAQ

We’re sure you have several questions about the Dempsey Challenge and what it is. Check out this FAQ for some of our frequently asked questions:

What is the Dempsey Challenge?
The Dempsey Challenge, presented by Amgen Oncology, is an annual run, walk, and cycle experience that serves as the primary fundraiser for the Dempsey Center. It is a yearly two-day event that serves as both a celebration of life and a remembrance for those we’ve lost. All funds raised by participants go directly to the Dempsey Center to fund their overall mission.

How do I register for the Dempsey Challenge?
We’re just as excited as you are! Visit to register!

What are some ways I can prepare for the Dempsey Challenge in advance?
We love that you are excited for the Dempsey Challenge and are looking for ways to prepare ahead of time. Zwift and the Dempsey Challenge will be hosting weekly rides/runs during the month of October as a lead up to the event. Details are below:

  • Training ride/run dates:

    • Wednesdays
    • October 6th, 13th and 20th
  • Ride/Run time:

    • 11:00pm UTC
    • 45min
  • Ride Routes

    • October 4th: Watopia
      • Sand and Sequoias
    • October 13th: New York
      • Astoria Line 8
    • October 20th: Makuri Islands
      • Countryside Tour
  • Run Routes

    • Mayfield Track
    • 20min

Please note that participation in these training events does not qualify for the new kit unlock

When does the Dempsey Challenge start and finish?
The Dempsey Challenge will take place over the course of the weekend of October 23rd and 24th, 2021.

It will begin with a group ride alongside a live broadcast with Patrick Dempsey on Saturday October 23rd at 7pm UK time // 2pm EDT // 11am PDT // 11pm UTC.

The following day (October 24th) there will be a Gran Fondo hosted by Patrick Dempsey and the Dempsey Center. There will be multiple opportunities throughout the day to participate in 1 of 4 ride distances and 3 run/walk events.

Q: How many stages and what routes are there for the Dempsey Challenge?

A: There are two days days of events that include several run/walk and ride routes to choose from for all abilities.
This page shows all the events you can participate in

October 23rd

  • Ride Only
    • Route
      • Volcano Flats (Watopia)
        • Lap distance: 12.3km (7.6mi)
        • Total elevation: 46m (151ft)
        • Lead-in: 0.5km(0.3mi)

October 24th

  • RUN / WALK
    • Routes:
      • 8kmk run - 11.1 Ocean
      • 5k run - 5k Loop
      • 2k walk - Watopia Track
  • RIDE
    • Routes:
      • A: 42mi - Big Foot Hills
        • Lap Distance: 41.9 mi // 67.5km + (1.5mi // 2.3km lead-in)
        • Total Elevation: 2,320 ft // 707 m
      • B: 25mi - Out and Back Again
        • Lap Distance: 24.8 mi // 39.9 km + (1.5 mi // 2.4 km lead-in)
        • Total Elevation: 1093 ft // 333 m
      • C: 12mi - Sand and Sequoias
        • Lap Distance: 12.6 mi // 20.2 km + (1.5mi // 2.4km lead-in)
        • Total Elevation: 479ft // 146m
      • D: 6mi- Flat Route
        • Lap Distance: 6.4 mi // 9.1 km + (0.3mi // 0.5km lead-in)
        • Total Elevation: 107ft // 154m

Q: Can I do this event more than once?

A: Certainly! On October 24th you are welcome to participate multiple times. You only need to complete the challenge once to unlock the 2021 Dempsey Challenge Kit. However, if you are feeling strong jump back in and ride again!

Q: What do I get for completing the Dempsey Challenge?

A: Those who complete at least one event during the Dempsey Challenge will unlock a new cycling and or run kit.

  • Qualifying events include:
    • Patrick Dempsey Group Ride (October 23rd)
    • Dempsey Challenge (October 24th)
  • Non-qualifying rides:
    • Dempsey Challenge training rides/runs
      • October 4th, 13th, 23rd

Q:Q: How do I opt-in to make sure I don’t miss any emails?

A: Simply update your email preferences. Check out this article for steps.

Q: What should I do to prepare?

A: We’ve got you covered, our Support Hub has everything you need to get ready. For basic info on getting started, check out this article. If you’re looking for more helpful tips on getting ready for event day, check out this article. We’ll see you out there.


The events currently in the schedule don’t match up with what’s described here. They’re all on the 23rd, and nothing on the 24th (EDT).

Sorry for the delay - please use this link to see all the run and ride events this weekend: