Deleted Ride by Mistake

(Robert Miller) #1

In my activity feed i think i deleted my ride on 3/6, as i don’t see it.  I’m thinking i clicked on edit and hit delete by mistake.  Anyway to get the ride back?

Sorry if this posted in the wrong place.  Thanks,



(Paul Allen) #2

Are you referring it not being uploaded to Strava?

If you are using a PC you will find the ride in documents\zwift\activities or you can download the ride here: and you can manually upload it.


(Robert Miller) #3

Thanks Paul,

It’s not just a strava issue, as it’s gone in my zwift feed…also it never uploaded to strava.   

It was in my feed this morning, but it did not have the download link.  I was trying to download it to get into Strava.  I clicked on the little pencil to edit and I must have deleted it by mistake. 

I don’t use a PC so I don’t have files…I’m tablet based.  Anything else I can do?  It’s not a major loss, so no big deal.

Thanks in advance, Rob



(Gerrie Delport) #4

If you are on IOs/tablet the files is still saved. see below.

You can’t upload rides to Zwift.

(Paul Allen) #5

Connect you iPad to your computer with iTunes and click on your iPad and go to Apps and scoll down to Zwift and on the right side you should see a Zwift folder, click Save to on the bottom and you should be able to save it to your computer.

(Robert Miller) #6

Thanks Boys…very helpful.  Appreciate the quick responses.  Ride on!  Rob

(Gerrie Delport) #7

Glad we could help. 

Ps. I’m happy i’m on PC it is much easier. :slight_smile: