Delete old account?

(Roy Bloomfield) #1

My original Zwift account became extremely dysfunctional after I attempted to change my password (t’s now not allowing me to log in OR change my password), so I opened a new trial account, which is working as designed.

It appears that the solution would be to close the old account (only a few weeks old) for which I’m paying, and activate the new trial account.

I guess the question is: how can I close an account to which I can’t even log on? 

(... david (aka "setuid")) #2

This will be a challenge because it would open the door to have users create ‘throwaway’ accounts to effectively run in trial mode forever. Create account, run out of trial miles/days, delete, create anew, start over again.

If you hook your trial account to Strava, you could keep using the permanent trial account to feed Strava with real-world ride data, while keeping Zwift in trial mode. 

There should be a way to uniquely identify accounts or have a master account with editable sub-accounts (like I envision the “Family Plan” to look like), so you can manage them without opening the door to abuse of those accounts. 


(Roy Bloomfield) #3

Thanks for the response.

In a more perfect world, Zwift would actually respond to (and fix) the initial problem of my not being able to log in / change my password…some kind of glitch on their end.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #4

@Ray: Have you contacted them directly, via the email address to have your concerns addressed?

(Roy Bloomfield) #5

I email daily. They responded 4 days ago with a ticket number…we’ll see.