Delete a record? [SOLVED]

Hello, I need your help. Who do I have to contact to delete a 2022 record from my Zwiftpower profile? Thx Michael

Thanks for this reply as I was wondering the same thing. I just got my RUNN and was having problems setting it up {still do but got avatar to move} ,plus my avatar wasn’t moving so I set speed really high and avatar started to move and it completed run and gave me awards when I wasn’t even on it.

So I just emailed them to remove the completion and award.

Now I wonder how many people cheat in this app

Hi @Rainer_Farros This is Juan, a Zwift colleague. I’m glad to hear that a support colleague revoked the achievement badges. Fair play is something we hold in high regard, we are proud that Zwifters like you are part of our community.

We are limited to know when a Zwitfter is cheating. It’s difficult to detect especially in regular rides. On the other hand, we have various controls in Zwift racing leagues. Zwift, and others are implementing at the very top end will prevent any cheating that does go on from having an impact when the results matter.

I think it is better to use Zwift as a training platform and enjoy the rides for what they are and the performance improvements it brings.

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