Delay on watts, sudden loss of cadence/ power/heart rate


I have an kickr snap, kickr cadence and a tickr. This is all connected with the latest samsung s6 tablet.
When i start everything just works fine. My snap connects via bluethoot and my cadence/tickr via ant+
After a moment (not always the same time span) for no reason the cadence and the heartrate drop to zero. If i dont do anything after 10 to 15min it comes back. If I pause and look in the pair menu. It shows me results. Going back in game it shows 0,0 for my heartrate and cadence. It’s obvious that this is a software issue. A sensor doesnt drop away for no reason.
Lately I also encounter a lot of issue that my kickr snap doesnt want to connect to my tablet via bluethoot. Thus is not controllable. That’s just plain stupid.
This is really bugging me. Don’t come with an excuse like maybe there is another device that sends out bluethooth. Or even better, a wifi device screws over your signal. Thats a load of crap, we live in 2021. There are wifi signals everywhere. Allmost everything connects via bluethoot.
Off course you can say its the wahoo devices, but dont put them on you preffered device list.

fix this. zwift is great for training. but the additional feature that it is great for frustrating people should be removed