Default values

A clear annoyance to many zwifters is the apparent “cheating” of some other riders. This is viewed as people pushing unrealistic w/kg up climbs and in races, and therefore the rider in question must have set their weight / height to wrong values.
But maybe it’s because they didn’t set them at all in the excitement of getting started. The default values are quite low / short, so wouldn’t a better idea be to set the default values to say 90kg and 190cm making the rider possibly heavier and taller than most. That way it would reduce the fliers and may encourage users to take time to set themselves up correctly once they realise they could go faster.
Of course this doesn’t stop those that actively cheat but it may prevent more of the accidental cheating. It would also be easy for Zwift to apply retroactively to anyone that has never changed their values from the start.