Decrease power dramatically

Hello, mates. Please help me figure it out.

I use Horizon GR7 spinbike pedals with typical magnetic resistance technology and transmission belt driven. I used the Garmin RS200 pedals out of the box and they delivered quite high power. I’ve never had a power meter before so my suggestion was that I have high body weight (98 kg, 185 cm), more or less regular weightlifting activities throughout my life and some past cycling experience. But after last firmware 3.0 update my power dramatically decreased (almoust doubled).

After the update I calibrated the pedals several times using the Garmin Connect app and Garmin Enduro watch. Nothing changed. I fully admit that the pedals are now giving the correct power and I’m ready for a week’s depression about my real physical conditions :slightly_smiling_face:. But why is the data so different from the data after 3.0 flashing in absolutely identical conditions?

I am also very confused by the fact that lowest load level with a high cadence the pedals used to show about from about 100-120+ watts and it 25-40 watts now.

I did a test workout today. Most of time it was typical for me: 90-100 rpm, 150-160 HR. Avg power
in this mode is about 150w. Before update it was about 300w. Garmin connect says that I still getting power from both pedals.

My trainings with more detailed data in ZWIFT can be viewed here:
before: … /activity/969555339265441792
after: … /activity/971023726927691792
(note: the last workout was written on an iphone 13 mini due to problems synchronizing the heart rate monitor with zwift on win11).

I will be grateful for both technical comments and an answer to the question, which watts are more or less real in my case.

The second lot are almost certainly more accurate, but a good way to test would be to attach the pedals to a wattbike at a local gym, or a friend’s smart direct-drive turbo trainer, and see if the numbers match up.