Decluttered screen mode

(Rob Gayle) #1

When using the mobile app as bike computer…

  • would be great to have an option to remove all the info elements (power, cadence, bpm, distance, speed, leader board etc) from the main screen for greater immersion
  • all stats are available on the bike computer mobile app mounted on the bike except gradient (please add that field)

(Rob Gayle) #2

Exactly :slight_smile: - pure VR (Zwift world in all it’s glory) - the mobile app does a great job of simulating a bike computer - all the stats can be seen there.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

We’ve had a fair amount of requests for this, and internally we have this feature, so it’s just down to figuring out how to expose it to you all. There’s a lot of higher priority items for us right now, but it’s safe to say this feature will happen.

(Michael Henasey) #4

Would love an option to minimize the extraneous UI widgets when riding/workout so we can see more of Zwift.