Day 2 advanced 12 weeks FTP build up program

(C Lemon) #1

I was so elated to try your workout program and saw that there were few of them. So, I picked the day 2 of 12 weeks FTP build up workout - advanced to try it.  I think that it was a good workout in that I got to see the stimuli showing me where such episode would end like I enjoyed looking for the glowing arch along with the time elapsing.  However, the ten second sprints weren’t good for my right bad knee. I went from 80 watts to 265 watts and held  it there for 10 seconds.  I found that as I went from low to high, my knee was strained so I would need to consistently increase my power pace so that my knee wouldn’t hurt. By the time, I get to the level, the ten seconds were up.  Will it help if we have a pyramid build up to the level and then hold it there for ten seconds before build the level down? It might be good for people like me with bad knee needing to build a more symetrical cadence. The sudden burst of interval hurts my knee. :pensive:  Overall, the training program was good! I look forward to training more!