Dave Jenkinson who is this guy?

According to Zwiftpower Dave Jenkinson from the UK has clocked up 946,764 km! Can you believe it?

Now, Tim “BacOn!” Searle (who is a Zwift legend) has only recorded 249,975 km.

So who is this Dave Jenkinson dude? Do you think he is cheating?

Can ZwiftPower get onto this ASAP!

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Hahaha. @T_im_BacOn_Searle_AH slacking off eh! He needs to up his game :rofl:

It will be a bug of some sort - his profile only has 7,235km’s and by the looks of it, he has only recently joined ZP. Probably some glitch in the matrix when Zwift systems parsed profile data to ZP system when setting up his ZP profile.

@Lucas_M or @Steven_D, support gurus that hang out in the forums, might be able to action something to sort that out.

Must. Work. Harder.


We spotted this guy a few days ago.

@T_im_BacOn_Searle_AH is letting the side down.


Dave Jenkinson is clearly a distant cousin of Leeroy Jenkins.


Trust me, there are a few Zwifters out there riding like bots at same HR, Power up and down watopia without flinching a beat.

I came across one lately and he smells of bot app but I leave that to Zwift HQ…

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You and I discussed this at length :slight_smile:

My thought was that the ride itself looked dodgy, but their other rides looked pretty normal.

I’m always happy to review any examples.

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A year or two ago there were a handful people on top of the longest total distance list. I reported it to Zwift a couple of times and eventually they were removed. I don’t think any of them were cheating, it was just one or two of their rides had recorded as abnormally long due to the magic of Zwift and that is what got them to the top of the list. Probably the same with this guy.

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Lol, so now Zwift are suggesting I ride even more?!?