Daum premium 8i

Hello, I have been using a Daum premium 8i with ergo planet via a direct ethernet link for some time; it works very well. I would like to be able to use Zwift also but their support tells me that there is no way to use the Daum with Zwift - does anyone have experience of using this combination and can give me advice?
Thanks in advance for your help

I’m not 100% sure but looks like the 8i can be converted to broadcast an ant+ FEC sensor.

Please verify this.

If this is true you’re in business.

Cu. Paolo

And you’ll be able to verify on yourself if the bike become ant+ enabled …


Hi PaoloC: I also have owned a Premium8i for many years and have done group training live OnLine with both “DaumTraining” & “ErgoPlanet.” Years ago the DaumTraining seemed to have stopped and ErgoPlanet became too tough as I am a poor German reader/speaker. I just saw this “Zwift” business online and would like to know if you’ve had any success somehow linking our bikes to Zwift. Thank you in advance. ~ Kip

Hi Jim; Correction: I meant to address my last message to you.
Thanks, Kip