DataDisplay/ Wired - no Dongles/ ErgoTraining

1/ Allow Data Display to display users power preferences

          Power; 3s Power; 10s Power; 1 Hour Power Average Nominal

          Cadence; 3s; 10s; Averages … similar to Garmin pages.

Use Fine Fonts (not large display graphics) for extra user numbers in the corner where it’s less obvious; similiar


2/ Have an offline experience where ergo allows rear-front wind/ incline-decline

    Have ergo experience which is numbers driven, not map with full smart trainer access.

3/ Allow riders to re-ride a ride they enjoyed before, allowing PAUSE, with all the people (except on repeat)

         - possibly allow user to download previous great rides they can ride again and again

4/     - even allowing such a thing of races to aid others to prepare for prime time races

5/        Ask Smart Trainer Manufacturers to send USB 2 cable out the side with both Raw Power and Cadence.

           HR may need to remain Blue Tooth

6/       Have both England and the Volcano Island all the time.

7/       Update real time to Strava