Database corrupted probably - drops and challenges freezed

Friend of mine have an issue that when saving an activity it somehow freezes into “streak view”. I haven’t seen actual point myself. That itself is not a big problem but her drops are not stored and climbing challenge (“50000m”) progress is also not stored. XPs are stored and she level’s up normally.

She have logged out Zwift from all devices, actually removed all and re-installed the one she used. Also Companion app is re-installed.

So what came to my mind is that maybe database is somehow corrupted and needs someone to do something manually…

Anyone else have had this issue?

Any chance you are logged in on more than one device?

Yes that was the case or at least she had more than one Zwift apps but running just one at the time. Any how now all but one Zwift apps are uninstalled and also one that is in use is re-installed. That’s why I suspect some database corruption…

Just noticed from an other topic that @James_Zwift could be the right person to answer this :blush:
Friend of mine is Emilia Holck in case of this is something that I’m assuming and f.ex. you James could do some manual db “hack”

James isn’t really active on the forums any more. Your friend is probably best off contacting Zwift support.

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