Data shows up on Zwiftpower but not Strava

I am new to Zwqift. I completed a race today… All data downloaded onto Zwiftpower but not Strava. Also, on Zwift Companion App, under “Activities”, only 14.1 km of the 18 km race was shown and also a message is posted “Activity details could not be loaded”. Grateful for any advice

Hi John … welcome to the world of Zwift but it sounds like not the best of starts.

The symptoms you are describing are that of a network issue. Breaking it down a bit to help you … Zwiftpower has a green lightning bolt next to it at the moment. That means that it is using a snapshot of your live data but it is not finalised data. A blue lightning bolt confirms that Zwfitpower is using your fit file, or in terms of data, is using a complete data file for results/stats.

Not loading to Strava is just a sign that Zwift hasnt been able to send a fit file to send to Strava (Strava uses fit files for activities).

Finally, the activity in the CA shows a date for a activity name and not a map or event name and it wont let someone look at the route map. Thats another classic sign of an incomplete data set.

Network issues arent super common but when they occur, its normally wifi issues or modem needing a reboot. Loads of ways of decluttering your wifi (change wifi channel, turning off 2.4ghz devices in your house like bluetooth things etc). If you have direct connection, it can be your ISP or even Zwift, but its normally the Zwifters own network.

Throwing your log file on to the site can help diagnose network issues.

Hope thats useful to help you start looking at what may be the root cause.