Data not saved - Companion app says still zwifting

I finished a tough workout and clicked save and exit on my iMac. The program seemed to take longer to exit that usual but on exit no data was sent to Strava and on my companion app under activities it says the activity is still in progess - “zwifting now”. Any way of saving my ride data? and removing the zwifting now error?


I had a similar circumstance after the last update. I rode Repack Ridge using a Windows 10 PC finished it and tried to send feedback as is asked for. Zwift closed down and I was back on the desktop. So to get another data point, I tried again and the same thing happened. The companion app said that I was still Zwifting. So I logged in again and started another ride and stopped and exited. This stopped the original ride but for about about an hour or so, the companion app thought I was still Zwifting this new ride. Then none of the rides I did were uploaded to Strava or Garmin Connect although they show as ridden on the app.

That behavior is seen when multiple devices is connecting to the same account. Make sure to close Zwift on all devices.


In my case, the only connections to my account were the PC and the iPhone.

I managed to upload the raw data to Strava manually from the Zwift folder in the documents folder on my Mac so I have all the data. The companion app final registered the ride was done but now the activity only includes distance/time and the photos - non of the other usual ride info.
I didn’t have Zwift connected on any other device but interestingly I got a warning on my iPhone later from Zwift saying that a Bluetooth connection was using up the battery and do I still need it. I hard clicked on the notification and selected disconnect. The Zwift app was not running but looks like there may be something going on in the background sometimes.