Dashboard won't load in firefox on windows 10

I can’t get the dashboard to open at all in firefox. It just stays a blue page with the Z logo.

Anybody else having this issue?


Hi Douglas,

What version of Firefox are you using? And have you tried clearing the cache in your browser?

I’m on Win 7 with Firefox and have the same thing altough not always. When I get the empty blue page, I hit F5 to refresh and that’s usualy enough to get the dashboard.

I’ve hit F5 several times. It never loads. I was hoping someone here already had a fix for this. It may be my PC. It works fine on my laptop.

I have the same problem with windows 10 and the firefox version 44.0.2.

It always stucks at the blue screen with the z after loggin in.

Hi Douglas,

We’ve tested multiple versions of FF with Win 7, 7x64, and Win 10 and they all seem to work OK. As Eric C requested, would you please try to clear your cache and see if that helps? Also you could try IE or Chrome which are also supported broswers