Daily Gold Jersey

We have Jerseys for the Green Sprints, dotted for the KOMs and a few other Jerseys.


Can we have a GOLD JERSEY for the person who has the most distance on each map.

This jersey is given to the rider who is currently riding on the map and has the most mileage recorded at that time.

If he leaves the map or exits zwift, then the Jersey will pass to the next person.

It will be nice to be recognised as having achieved a great distance. :grin: :grin:

This jersey would, almost certainly, be awarded to some bot that has been running for hours at some absurd wattage. Zwift need to address that issue first.


Or the gold jersey leaderboard could be used to identify the accounts they should terminate :upside_down_face:


Support this 100% and voted for it, let’s all get behind this.

The folk doing 800w non-stop all day and I don’t know, 100km per day definitely deserved to be rewarded for their super-human feats of strength and endurance.

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