cyclops power beam pro-my guy doesn't move

(🇵🇹Carlos Duarte🇦🇴) #1

I can’t get my cyclist to move, i am using a power beam pro, and USB ant stick (Garmin) on a mac book pro…initially i had a insignia 2.0 USB ant stick, i have just about exhausted all my options and still can’t get it work, any suggestions…

(Eric Min) #2

Hi Carlos, 

Just to confirm, have you been able to connect your power beam pro to any other ANT+ readers? For example, does it work your Garmin head unit or any other software? 

Also, you will definitely need a USB extension cable for your ANT+ dongle. It looks like this:

But you can also find it on Amazon. The ANT+ dongle should sit directly under your power beam pro.