cycling caps

(Aldo Cella) #1

I know, its retro, vintage, old school. but so is riding without a helmet and that seems to be an option. How about adding an option for cycling caps that match the jerseys. I’ve seen some fellow cyclists riding around in Z team jerseys and no helmets, would be cool to see them in old school cycling caps with the option to turn the brim up or down. Thoughts?

(Eric Eddy) #2

I’ll vote that up

(Chris O'Hearn Masters (E)) #3

Oh yes… big +1 to that.

I’m an old-school non helmet wearer in real life anyway.

I’m just waiting for someone to have a go at me on Zwift for not wearing one. Believe me, it could happen.

(Art Garcia) #4

That would be great! Definitely make the cap an option, and maybe even a few choices. Matching the kit, or vintage Campyesque logo!

(Richard Mandeville) #5

Excellent idea. Love the look of cycling caps on the bike and this would allow me to wear one without the worry of cracking my skull (real life). I’ve got another suggestion: actual ZWIFT caps for purchase!

(Julynn Washington (WSR)X RO4H) #6


(D. H. MacDonald) #7

I’m way late to the game on this thread, but my +1 is added.