Cycleops Powerbeam Support - finally! Thanks Zwift!

(Shawn DeBoer) #1

After months of having to use Trainerroad in slope mode to add resistance on the island, as of today Zwift now fully controls resistance on the PBP.  Awesome experience!

(Don Barnard) #2

It’s great but is there a way to calibrate it that I’m missing? The virtual training software I’ve been using has a calibration routine so I kind of expected one for zwift also.  

(Chris Barber) #3

Impressed. PowerBeam Pro works well.  Only slight frustration this morning was at the top of KOM climb where the resistance maybe took too long to change and kept loosing touch with a group (ended up riding off the front of the group to get a gap which was closed over the top of the hill which was better than sprinting to close down the gap).

(Matt DelMarcelle) #4

I’m excited that support for the Powerbeam has been added, but I found my first use of it a little disappointing. The resistance variation is minimal (a 9% incline doesn’t feel much different from a flat or decline). Did you find the same thing?

(Chris Barber) #5

Definitely not! Lots of resistance on the steeper sections.  Completely different experience than riding using trainer road to set a constant/set target.  Probably use a mixture of the two going forward - trainer road control for set workouts and zwift control for longer rides.

(Shawn DeBoer) #6

Lots of resistance change for me as well.  The 9-10% grade resistance is substantial and can be a grinder, as it should be.  I’m happy with the PBP Zwift control thus far.

(Andy Rickard) #7

I’m not able to pair my PBP with Zwift.  :(  Still works fine with TrainerRoad, so I know it’s not my PBP or my ANT+ dongle. 


(Matt DelMarcelle) #8

Interesting to hear the responses about the resistance varying. After my ride, I noticed that I didn’t have my profile complete (didn’t have my weight entered). So, I’m wondering if that may have impacted the experience slightly. But, I’ve found with CycleOps virtual training, I use a wider range of gears. For instance, on a 7+% grade, I’ll eventually land on small ring up front and the largest in back for any lengthy climb. On Zwift, with a 9% (or whatever that steep section is), I don’t have to move to such a low gear. And going downhill in Cycleops Virtual training, I’ll go into the big ring up front and some of the smallest in back. On Zwift, going downhill the resistance doesn’t seem to let up that much. I’ll try it again, though. I think it’s a very cool program and I’m excited to see how it evolves.  

(Scott Bennett) #9

Hi I tried to sync up my power beam pro but it wasn’t visible on the selection list, any advise ?

(Shawn DeBoer) #10

On my pairing/devices screen I’ve noticed that Zwift “finds” two devices for watts and cadence - a generic “Powermeter” and a “Cyclops” device.  It seems that, by default, Zwift starts reading the generic Powermeter.  When I click on the Change button, I can switch over to the Cyclops device.  Then, all is good for riding Zwift.

(Don Barnard) #11

On my ride tonight (2nd ride on zwift) I felt the resistance wasn’t changing much either. I could ride the entire island in the same gear and same watts with only the computed speed changing.


I notice people with other types of smart trainers seem to be having similar problems.

(Don Barnard) #12

Hmm I noticed the two options also tonight. I thought I was selecting powerbeam, but if it actually said powermeter that could explain the lack of resistance changing.

(Matt DelMarcelle) #13

I’ve noticed the two options as well. The Cycleops one for me produces the variable resistance. But, even with that, the resistance doesn’t change much.

(Jon Mayfield) #14

The two options are a temporary solution to give you guys the choice if you want to just pair as a power meter, or as a smart trainer.  This allows you to choose if you want to use another application to control the trainer or not.

Soon you’ll have only one device to pair, and the option to simply disable dynamic resistance control.

(Don Barnard) #15

Just an update from me… having selected Cycleops instead of powermeter, resistance and the simulated hills are working fine again.

(Dani C) #16

Any support for Powersync resistance control soon?


Thanks !

(Conrad Juleff WBR (A)) #17

My Powersync works well and is a very different experience. The delay for a downhill is very noticeable so I find I need to predict and change to the big ring early. It is however much more interactive and I find I need to use the gears a lot.

I however have to Calibrate with a different app such as Cycleops Virtual Training for Mobile or Tablet, you can do this in Free Ride mode without a subscription. I then Pair in Zwift but need to first select CycleOps under Power Meter and then change to the separate Cadence sensor since it defaults to the Powermeter for Cadence which is not correct. If I pause the ride it seems to quickly lose the Pair settings and I need to do the configuration again. 

(Nick de la Hallbeck) #18

This is great to hear… I have been waiting to purchase the PBP!!!  I went to the store and there was 3 versions of the powerbeam (doh!).

I was going to go with the basic (ant+). I have a garmin edge (w/ HR) already (and have read about compatibility already)… Do I NEED the Joules GPS and HR from cycleops for zwift?


(Don Barnard) #19

You want the ant+ version of the ppb. You don’t need the joules or hr.

(Nick de la Hallbeck) #20

@don thanks for the confirmation!! Also last chance to consider the Kickr vs the PBP… any thoughts??